Kate Bolduan Instagram Challenge: 2013 Winners

Updated 6:45 AM ET, Tue January 21, 2014
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#FallisHere winner — "We love the colors, the fall activity of apple picking, and how can you not fall in love with this little girl?!" wrote "New Day" co-host Kate Bolduan in the first of her 2013 Instagram challenges. The winning photo came from @ambergoley. courtesy
#WeeklyWorkout winner — @ArtGood tweeted this photo, saying he was spending his weekend running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. "Talk about dedication and determination," Bolduan said. courtesy
#HalloweenSelfie winner — "@baddestpecan did an incredible job with her Halloween makeup," Bolduan said. "You're both terrifying and beautiful!" courtesy
#CoffeeCup winner — "With our first taste of winter in the air, this photo has me dreaming of a snowy ski season ahead (and crossing my fingers for lots of fresh powder days)," Bolduan said. courtesy
#GuiltyPleasure winner — @elisabethsuzanne sent a photo of her stack of train tickets. "I definitely share your love of travel," Bolduan said, "and I love your take on it all: 'You can't buy happiness, but you can buy train tickets and that's pretty close. #travel.' " courtesy
#Thankful winner — Little Tori's story of "strength and perseverance is an inspiration to us all," Bolduan said. courtesy
#Thankful winner (No. 2) — "And congrats to our second #thankful winner," Bolduan said of this shot from @Jansouri. "You're #thankful for your students & we are thankful for teachers like you. Good luck to the class of 2014!" courtesy Mansouri
#Window winner — "You're looking at the sun through frost and ice," Bolduan said of this shot from @jalayne57. "This photo is both sunny and freezing at the same time! So artistic and a perfect #window shot." courtesy
#HolidayTradition winner — @rickhodesigns sent a time-lapse video of him and his wife decorating their tree in Brooklyn, New York. You can watch the video here. courtesy
#Family winner — "Love the smiles, love the wit and love the composition. #BeautifulFamily," wrote Bolduan of this selfie from @donalrey. courtesy