No more 'Big Luke'

Published 7:07 AM ET, Mon January 13, 2014
Luke april 2009Luke april 2009
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Luke Cox was always known as "Big Luke," but he wasn't obese until his early 20s, when he stopped playing sports and kept eating like an athlete. Courtesy Luke Cox
The high school coach said he tricked himself into thinking it was OK to live on fast food. "When you're a coach, you stop and eat at fast food places so the athletes can eat. At most places, coaches eat for free. So if it's free, then get as much as you want. This attitude made it real easy to gain weight," Cox said. Courtesy Luke Cox
A year ago, Cox weighed 400 pounds. He figured he'd live another 10 years. Courtesy Luke Cox
In June 2013, Cox won the spring 2013 Kansas City Fit Magazine weight-loss challenge. Here he poses with his coach, Ty Ratliff, his small town's elementary school gym teacher and high school football coach. Courtesy Luke Cox
In March 2013, Cox wore a 5XL T-shirt. He recently bought his first XL T-shirt since 1997. Courtesy Luke Cox
His lifestyle transformation has been a positive change for the whole family. He has more energy to play with his three children, and they all go to the gym together. Courtesy Luke Cox
"Thank you to my kids and my wife for always being there for me," he said. "Now, I will always be here for you." Courtesy Luke Cox