Walking upside down: A funny statement

Published 3:47 PM ET, Fri January 10, 2014
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French photographer Patrice Letarnec's surrealist photo series "Walking Upside Down" features people doing handstands with their clothes on upside down. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
Letarnec's photo series was inspired by the French expression "marcher sur la tête," which translates to walking on your head. It's a French way of describing someone who is acting foolishly. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
Letarnec strives to pair intriguing poses with whimsical Parisian settings. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
Doing a handstand isn't easy, so the photographer worked with Parisian schools to find dancers who were up for his imaginative project. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
"During the series, one of the dancers said they could not do the walking handstands because in order to walk on their hands they had to see the horizon," the photographer said. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
When the dancers got comfortable with walking on their hands, they started adding their own movements to the poses. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
Photography is just a medium for capturing an idea, said Letarnec, whose real passion is fine art. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
He shot these photos in a realistic way, despite their surrealist tone. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
"In the U.S. people might see this just as a series of silly photos, but it's a social commentary," said the photographer. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec
These photos are supposed to be silly, said Letarnec. Courtesy Patrice Letarnec