Car bomb blast in Syria; deaths reported

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  • At least 16 are killed in a car bomb explosion in Syria
  • Scores of people were injured
  • Separately, 42 bodies are found at an ISIS base, a rights group says
Women and children were among at least 16 civilians killed in Syria on Thursday in a car bomb explosion outside the central Syrian city of Hama, the country's state news agency said.
Scores were also injured in the blast, which hit near a school in the town of al-Kafat, SANA reported, quoting a source at the Police Command in the province. Tens of homes and cars were heavily damaged by the explosion, a SANA reporter said.
The London-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported the attack but said that at least 18 people were killed and dozens were injured.
Separately, a girl was killed in a rocket attack in Hama, according to a military source, SANA said.
Syria's civil war within a civil war
Syria's civil war within a civil war


    Syria's civil war within a civil war


Syria's civil war within a civil war 02:56
The observatory also reported Thursday that the bodies of 42 prisoners were found at a base occupied by the al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The ISIS base used to be a children's hospital.
At least five of the bodies belonged to activists and 21 were rebel fighters, the observatory said.
ISIS forces have increasingly come into conflict with Free Syrian Army fighters and other hard-line factions opposing the Syrian regime while ISIS attempts to enforce its strict form of Islamic Sharia law on areas coming under its control across northern Syria.