Marine mammals at risk

Published 3:19 PM ET, Thu January 9, 2014
North Atlantic right whaleNorth Atlantic right whale
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Marine mammals around the world are endangered because of poor fisheries practices by foreign commercial fishing fleets. North Atlantic right whales are one of the species that are threatened. EcoHealth Alliance
A sperm whale calf swims next to its mother and a pod of sperm whales. Chris Bangs/Guam Variety News/AP
Minke whale. John W. Durban/NOAA
Harbour porpoise. EMPICS /Landov
Spinner dolphins. James L. Wing/dolphindreams.com/AP
A pair of Hooker's sea lions play on the beach at Sandfly Bay, near Dunedin, New Zealand. Alastair Grant/AP
A dead California Gulf Porpoise, also known as a vaquita, is seen in San Felipe, Mexico. Omar Vidal/WWF/Ho/REUTERS/Landov
False killer whale. Robin W. Baird/www.cascadiaresearch.org