It’s so cold, humor edition

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It’s so cold that… what? We invited you to complete that sentence.

And humor ensued. Of course, CNN cannot attest to the originality of any of these jokes, so think of them as a mix of people being creative and people sharing the favorites they’ve seen around the Interwebs.

Herewith, some of our favorites from the discussions on Facebook, Twitter, and

“Lawyers have their hands in their own pockets.” - Anthony Justice

“People are like, ‘When I was a youngster – nah, screw it, this is colder.’” - Pythagorus

“Cops yell ‘thaw!’ when chasing bad guys.” - Manmohan Rai

“You’re thankful for hot flashes.” - Roxanne Worsham

“You don’t mind when strangers rub up against you on the subway.” - Paul Wiley

“You mop the floor and it turns to frost.” - Karen Jones

“Donald Trump’s hair freezes in place.” - Renee Bailey

“Someone accidentally pours hot coffee on your hands, and you say ‘thank you.’” - Mark Allen

“My lawn jockey asked to borrow a blanket.” - Richard Dennehy

“You’d rather listen to Nickelback than walk outside” - Inbal Chaikin

“Miley Cyrus is stuck on her wrecking ball” - PropaneC3H8

“Miley Cyrus had to put her clothes back on.” - David Fuller

“I saw a greyhound bus and the dog was riding on the inside.” - Jose Febres

“You heat up the milk for your Cheerios” - Gangga Darlenne

“The ice cubes in my drink have goose bumps.” - Paul Meola

“Cows are giving ice cream instead of milk.” - Nishant Gadani

“You eat ice cream to warm up.” - Michael Ball

“Teenagers have pulled their pants up.” - Dana Kantor

And, of course, many pointed to the now popular joke online, referencing the town of Hell, Michigan: “Hell has frozen over.”

Got a good one? Join in!