Scenes, gadgets from CES 2014

Updated 11:05 PM ET, Fri January 10, 2014
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The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show draws to a close as exhibitors leave the building. The show, held each January in Las Vegas, is the largest gadget showcase in the world. zoran milich for CNN
"Patent troll" figurines are handed out to draw attention to proposed legislation to combat lawsuits brought about by so-called patent trolls, who do not create products but file patent lawsuits against those who do. Zoran Milich for CNN
Canon camera maintenance technicians work behind a glass wall so attendees can watch. Zoran Milich for CNN
Samsung shows off the Galaxy Gear smart watch and Galaxy phone running the BMWi Remote App which allows you to connect to an equipped BMW car. Zoron Milich for CNN
The 360 Fly camera by VOXX Electronics records 360-degree video. The camera will be priced at $399 when it becomes available in late spring. Zoran Milich for CNN
The Free My Kodak Moment Mobile app allows you to order prints from your phone or wirelessly print them at in-store kiosks. Zoran Milich for CNN
The interactive entertainment system is seen in the back seat of the $93,000-plus Mercedes S500. Zoran Milich for CNN
A worker polishes the floor of the Audi booth. Zoran Milich for CNN
The HyperJuice Expand by Sanho is an external battery designed to power USB devices. It features battery packs with multiple capacities that can be swapped out and will be priced between $40-1$00 when released at the end of January. Zoran Milich for CNN
A man dressed as a member of the Queen's Guard promotes Ooma, a voice-over-Internet system. Zoran Milich for CNN
Attendees walk by the multicolored TCL television maker's booth. Zoran Milich for CNN
An oversized LG TurboWash washer draws the attention of convention goers. Zoran Milich for CNN
Pointgrab uses a big-screen monitor to demonstrate CamME, a hands free selfie application. The application lets you use hand gestures to trigger your phone's camera. Zoran Milich for CNN
A model demonstrates Panasonic's Nanoe hair dryer, flat iron and facial steamers. The devices use "microscopic moisture particles" and promise to keep hair and skin healthy. They are available at $179 each. zoran milich for CNN
Using an Android operating system, the Polaroid Socialmatic instant digital camera is both retro and modern, letting you send images to social media or make 2- by 3-inch color prints. It's expected to go on sale in fall 2014. Zoran Milich for CNN
A Ford C-Max Solar Energi is a solar-powered plug-in hybrid car with solar panels on its roof. Zoran Milich for CNN
Attendees map out plans at CES. Zoran Milich for CNN
Visitors with glasses experience the world of LG Cinema 3D. Zoran Milich for CNN
Xsens MVN has inertial sensors attached to the body by a lycra suit. The wireless motion trackers are used for animation and/or medical applications. Zoran Milich for CNN
A futuristic car from Five Axis promotes Pioneer Electornics' Networked Entertainment eXperience, or NEX, line of car stereo products. Zoran Milich for CNN
A person photographs the new 36.3-megapixel full-frame Sony Alpha 7R digital camera and a Vario-Tessar 24-70mm lens. The camera body costs $2,298, and the lens is $1,200. Zoran Milich for CNN
A man jams out at the Gibson tent at CES. Zoran Milich for CNN
People test out the $8,000 Inada massage chairs at CES. Zoran Milich for CNN
A man takes the Epic iComfort Directions bed with the Motion Comfort base by Serta for a test drive. The bed, which includes Bluetooth, speakers, subwoofer, USB ports and six levels of massage is available now and lists at $5,774. Zoran Milich for CNN
The Famibot by Ecovacs Robotics features a smoke detector, air purifier and a home security system. The robot can send your phone text messages, photos and live streaming video of your home and pets while your are away via an application for Android or iPhone. It is expected to be available in mid-2014. Zoran Milich for CNN
Flir One is a personal thermal imaging device for the iPhone 5. According to Flir's website, it can be used to see in the dark, observe heat sources, compare relative temperatures and see through smoke. It will be $349 and be available in spring 2014. Zoran Milich for CNN
The iDream3 is a eye, neck and head massage by Breo. The $395 massager has an MP3 player built in that can play calming spa music or your favorite tunes. Available now. Zoran Milich for CNN
Netchef by Sungale is an interactive kitchen computer featuring a cookbook, built-in camera and speakers. It lists at $229 and is available now. Zoran Milich for CNN
A promotion model dressed as a Canadian Mounted Police officer adjusts her hat for a portrait at the Gentec International Your Gateway to Canada booth. Zoran Milich for CNN
The Pine, a smart watch by Neptune, costs $335 and is scheduled to ship in March. Zoran Milichries for CNN
An attendee uses the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset to view a game on the Piston Xi3 entertainment console. The Piston sells for $1,000 and is available now. Zoran Milichries for CNN
The Inmotion sensor-controlled vehicle, with passenger aboard, cruises the CES show floor. The Segway-like device sells for $2,500. Zoran Milichries for CNN
This is a demonstration of Perfect Drink, an app-controlled bartending scale by Brookstone. Zoran Milich for CNN
A woman looks at an array of cellphone cases made by Happy Plug. Zoran Milich for CNN
RoboThespian by Engineered Arts is an interactive robot, intended for science museums, that will soon be able to walk and run. Zoran Milich for CNN
Toruk by AEE is a quadcopter, a little, drone-like aircraft that can transmit video and be operated from a cell phone. It sells for $900 and will be available in the spring. Zoran Milich for CNN
The GeForce GTX graphics card, when hooked up to three 4K surround screens, provides an immersive gaming experience. Zoran Milich for CNN
The VK200 keyfob projects an interactive virtual keyboard on any flat surface, letting you compose e-mails more easily on any Bluetooth-enabled device. Zoran Milich for CNN
CES attendees use their phones to control BeeWi's Bluetooth Athlete Robots and play a game of table soccer. Zoran Milich for CNN
An attendee samples candy made by a Chefjet 3D printer. Zoran Milich for CNN
The view from beneath a Scooba 450 floor-scrubbing robot. Zoran Milich for CNN
For many, the CES experience is about trying out new technologies firsthand. Here, attendees listen to three-dimensional sound by Aura 3D Audio. Zoran Milich for CNN
These Parrot Zik wireless noise-canceling headphones were conceived by noted designer Philippe Starck. Zoran Milich for CNN