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FBI joins search for road rage shooter

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Timothy Davison, 28, was shot and killed in an apparent road-rage incident

Pennsylvania police believe same motorist may have been behind another shooting earlier

Police: "The acts against him were very deliberate, calculated, and violent"

CNN —  

A motorist who shot and killed a man near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border in an apparent fit of road rage was being sought Wednesday. Authorities believe the shooter might strike again.

The victim, Timothy Davison, a 28-year-old resident of Maine, was driving home Saturday on Interstate 81 in Antrim Township in Pennsylvania when he dialed 911 to report that another motorist was chasing him and driving aggressively, police said. Moments later, Davison was shot dead.

Investigators believe that the same motorist may have been behind another road-rage shooting eight hours earlier in the same area. No one was injured in that incident, when shots were fired at a car.

“The acts committed against Mr. Davison were random only to the point of his initial encounter with his assailant,” the Pennsylvania state police said in a statement. “Beyond that, the acts against him were very deliberate, calculated, and violent… The potential for additional incidents of similar nature is anticipated due to the violent nature of this incident.”

James Allocca, Davison’s uncle, told CNN that the family “wants justice before someone else gets hurt.”

The victim’s father, Timothy Davison Sr., told CNN that he learned about his son’s death when police arrived at his door on Saturday.

“I can’t begin to tell you what it’s like to hear that,” he said. “It’s not right.”

He went to Pennsylvania Tuesday to collect his son’s personal belongings.

His son, he said, was a “great guy and a very easy kid to raise.”

“He cared for everyone around him,” he said. “He was a rugged kid, extremely sensitive.”

Davison worked at his father’s construction business.

He said he hoped to meet his son’s killer. Asked what he would say, Timothy Davison Sr. said: “That is for me.”

A task force that includes the Pennsylvania and Maryland state police as well as the FBI was investigating the two shootings over the weekend.

“While there are many similarities between the two; conclusive evidence definitively connecting the two has yet to be established,” the state police statement said. “Both investigations will be treated as being related until conclusive evidence proves otherwise.”

Police said the shooter was driving a small truck similar to a Ford Ranger, and the vehicle would have panel damage from ramming Davison’s vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-472-8477.

“There are different levels of loss,” Allocca said. “This has to be the worst.”

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