Keith Vidal's family fights for 'justice'

Updated 3:58 PM ET, Fri July 3, 2015
keith vidal suit irptkeith vidal suit irpt
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Teenager Keith Vidal was shot and killed Sunday. Keith's stepbrother, Mark Ryan Wilsey, said he was in "absolute panic" when his parents called to tell him the news. "I thought I needed to get to my brother's side and protect him from anyone who may harm him." Courtesy Wilsey family
Keith Vidal with his mother, Mary Wilsey. Vidal had schizophrenia, but "he was a good kid. He was in school," said his stepbrother, Mark Wilsey.
Courtesy Wilsey family
Mark Wilsey called Vidal his "little buddy." He said they did everything together, from hunting and fishing to golfing and playing basketball. Courtesy Wilsey family
Keith Vidal with his older brother, Joey Vidal. Courtesy Wilsey family