Your winter weather photos

Updated 1:09 PM ET, Tue January 7, 2014
frozen eyelashes irptfrozen eyelashes irpt
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A Chicago resident's eyelashes froze on the morning of January 6. Courtesy Daylan Stubblefield
CNN iReporter Robert Livesay took this picture of frozen ice bubble he blew in Grove, Oklahoma, on Monday, January 6. "If you have too much wind, the bubbles will blow away," he said. Courtesy Robert Livesay
A little snow won't stop these two from enjoying a run in northeast Ohio on January 6. Courtesy Brian Metz
A Chicago man heads to work on January 6 with an overcoat and briefcase ... plus a balaclava and ski goggles. Courtesy Gokhan Cukurova
Maranda McClaskey knew the birds in Harrisville, West Virginia, would appreciate extra food in the chilly weather on January 6. But when one poor bird landed on her porch to eat, it got stuck to the ice! Finally the bird managed to free itself -- but it left these feathers behind. Courtesy Maranda McClaskey
Sixteen-year-old student Christian Arnold photographed a snowdrift in Indiana on January 6. "This is the most dangerous winter weather I have ever witnessed," he said. Courtesy Christian Arnold
In Wisconsin on January 6, temperatures fell to minus 21 degrees, with wind chills below 40. Courtesy Mike Stouffer
Nature photographer Candice Trimble bundled up in layers to snap some shots of the frozen conditions outside her home in Front Royal, Virginia, on Sunday, January 5. She watched this water hit the leaf and then completely freeze. Courtesy Candice Trimble
Is this guy nuts?! He's sporting shorts in Chicago on January 6, when the temperature did not rise above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Courtesy Gokhan Cukurova
Trees are weighed down with snow in the Long Lake area in Michigan on January 5. Courtesy Di Etman
The frigid weather inspired photographer Tanya Fuchs to take her camera out around her neighborhood in Fire Island, New York, on Saturday, January 4. Courtesy Tanya Fuchs
CNN iReporter Joy Lewandowski's son Matt plays in a snow fort built by kids on her street on January 5. School was canceled Monday. Courtesy Joy Lewandowski
Jason Bentley decided to take a relaxing break in the snow on January 5 in Indianapolis, Indiana, after he learned that his Southwest flight back home to Los Angeles was canceled and rescheduled for Thursday. Courtesy Jason Bentley
CNN iReporter Todd Joyce took this photo of his dog, Ginger, playing in the snow in Ohio on January 5. Courtesy Todd Joyce
Alexandra Leahy ventured outside her apartment complex in Carmel, Indiana, on January 5 to photograph the snowy landscape. "The snow is very white, very glistening, and stuck to everything," she said. Courtesy Alexandra Leahy
Mark Anthony Baquir captured this photo of a snowy yard in Maryland on Friday, January 3. "It seemed like no one was prepared for the storm in this part of Maryland," he said. Courtesy Mark Anthony Baquir