Preview of fun and silly CES gadgets

Updated 9:59 AM ET, Thu January 9, 2014
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The Mobile QWERTY keyboard from TrewGrip flips and rotates the traditional keyboard. It works with tablets, phones and laptop computers. Heather Kelly/CNN
With Netatmo's June, a sensor disguised as a bracelet or brooch tracks sun exposure and gives healthy advice to the wearer. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Jumping Sumo smartphone-controlled robot from Parrot speeds, leaps into the air, has a small camera and can do tricks. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Phantom 2 Vision drone from DJI Innovations has a built-in camera and a smartphone app, and can fly up to 400 feet into the air. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Aura is a smart communications lamp from Withings that communicates with a sensor placed in your bed to track sleep patterns and wake you at just the right moment. Heather Kelly/CNN
The PrioVR suit tracks your body movements using an array of strapped-on sensors. It can be used for games or more serious uses, like military training. Heather Kelly/CNN
Mother is a hub that communicates with smaller sensors you place on anything you want to monitor, from pets to medications, and sends custom notifications to a smartphone. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Prong PocketPlug is a smartphone case that can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet to charge your phone. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Sphero 2B is another smartphone-controlled robotic toy that can speed and jump into the air. Heather Kelly/CNN
TrackR devices can be attached to keys or electronics or slipped into a wallet and then tracked from up to 100 feet away. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Parrot MiniDrone is a very small smartphone-controlled drone. Heather Kelly/CNN
EverSense sensors take the temperature wherever they're left and communicate it back to the central smart thermostat for more accurate indoor climate control. Heather Kelly/CNN
Waka Waka lights and power cells use the power of the sun to bring light to off-the-grid locations or charge electronics. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Wellograph is a fitness tracker disguised as a normal men's watch. The back of the watch face has sensors for tracking the wearer's heartbeat. Heather Kelly/CNN
The Tao Wellshell is a workout gadget that uses pressure sensors to guide you through isometric exercises. It also tracks the usual fitness stats. Heather Kelly/CNN
The CAT B100 feature phone is built to take a beating, or a dip, and still keep working. Heather Kelly/CNN