Braddock, Pennsylvania's second act

Updated 11:09 PM ET, Sun January 5, 2014
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Braddock, Pennsylvania, was the birthplace of industrial baron Andrew Carnegie's steel empire. Carnegie built his first mill, Edgar Thomson Steel Works, in Braddock, stimulating economic growth and prosperity until the industry's decline in the 1970s. Braddock fell on hard times in the wake of the steel industry's decline. Its heyday population of around 20,000 in the 1960s has dried up to around 2,300 today. Nara Garber
The mill was built on the historic site of Braddock's Field, where French and Indian forces defeated British Gen. Edward Braddock in the Battle of the Monongahela. Today, the Edgar Thomson Plant is Braddock's only remaining operating mill as part of the U.S. Steel Corp. Nara Garber
Since taking office in 2005, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman has led a series of urban renewal projects, including the creation of Braddock Farms through Grow Pittsburgh. Another nonprofit, the Braddock Youth Group, runs three more urban garden sites in the community. Teens from the program converted the vacant lots into gardens and tend them all year. They also learn to prepare the food. Nara Garber
Braddock Farms has grown from half an acre in 2007 to an acre presently. The urban farm grows organic produce that is sold to Braddock residents at a weekly farmstand five months out of the year. It also hires teen interns in the summer in a partnership with Braddock Youth Project. Nara Garber
Pittsburgh-area chef Kevin Sousa visited Braddock Farms in summer 2013 to teach teens how to make pizza. Sousa is partnering with Fetterman to launch the mayor's latest initiative: a restaurant and farm "ecosystem" that hopes to source some food from Braddock Farms and start a job-training program that will be a pipeline to employment in the restaurant. The project is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Nara Garber