Puppies play in the snow

Updated 11:44 AM ET, Mon January 6, 2014
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A massive snowstorm that affected nearly a third of the nation left many people not wanting to leave their homes. But countless dogs, like Todd Joyce's pup Ginger, couldn't resist playing in the snow. Here's Ginger on a brief excursion in their snowy neighborhood of Lebanon, Ohio. Courtesy Todd Joyce
Emily Brown has two incredibly active Australian shepherds. The two brothers were partaking in "snow madness" as she likes to call it. "They will jump up and down, bury themselves in the snow, and chase each other through the yard," the Indianapolis resident said. Courtesy Emily Brown
Friday's snowstorm wasn't going to slow down New Yorkers, whether on two legs or four, said Marjorie Zien. While commuting to work, she photographed this man walking five dogs in Union Square Park on January 3. Courtesy Marjorie Zien
Three-year-old mixed breed Boris couldn't wait to go outside and romp around. Boris spent Friday morning chasing squirrels in a Chicago park, said his owner, Liza Heiligman. Courtesy Liza Heiligman
Julie Johnson and her dog, Kaiah, enjoyed a snow day in the Berkshires on Friday. She photographed Kaiah staring off into snow, which blanketed Great Pine Farm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Courtesy Julie Johnson
Spending a quiet moment out in the snow, Tamara Peterson photographed a neighbor walking her dog in the Fort Greene neighborhood of New York City. Courtesy Tamara Peterson
Cassandra Munoz took Luna, her 1-year-old German shepherd and labrador mix, out to play in the snow Friday in Kansas City, Missouri. "She loves the snow. She's still a puppy so she has a ton of energy," she said. Courtesy Cassandra Munoz
Winter weather brought on a whiteout on January 2 in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood, said Ivan Vega. He went out for a walk in the 20-degree weather with his dog, Sergeant Thomas. Courtesy Ivan Vega
Monroe DeVos's deaf great dane, Jesse, wanted to play in the snow that fell in their area of Howard City, Michigan, on January 3. "We moved here from Georgia four years ago. From the moment all of our dogs -- six of them, all rescues -- saw the snow, they fell in love with it," he said. Courtesy Monroe DeVos
Karsh Sahay's goldendoodle puppy was beside himself when he ran out into the snow in Glen Head, New York, an area that had more than 10 inches of snowfall on January 2. Courtesy Karsh Sahay
The unbelievably cold weather in New York City didn't stop Dan Gareau's two mini huskies from running wild in Central Park. He says Voxel and Pixel were made for the snow. "They play, prance, roll around, bite snowballs in the air," he said. Courtesy Daniel Garea
Chris Corley says his sugar doodle Lily can't get enough of this cold weather. Here she is walking around in downtown Milwaukee on Friday after some fresh powder fell in the area. "She loves the snow. I am Canadian and thought I liked snow. We are a perfect match," he said. Courtesy Chris Corley
The frigid weather inspired Tanya Fuchs to head to the harbor in Fire Island, New York. She says parts of the pier on Fair Harbor were frozen solid on January 3. She also photographed this pup enjoying the icy view. Courtesy Tanya Fuchs
This samoyed named Chewie looks majestic against the snowy backdrop in New Providence, New Jersey. The area got more than 7 inches of snow on January 3 and Chewie can't get enough of the fresh powder. Courtesy Michael Fischbeck
Stephanie Bremenour's pomeranian, Dundie, is really specific when it comes to what kind of snow he will play in. "He only likes to walk in the fresh snow on his walks. The deeper the snow, the better! As you can see from the picture, he also loves to eat snow," the Michigan resident said. Courtesy Stephanie Bremenour
Kimberly Stoltman's bernese mountain dog Cole just wanted to sprawl out in the snow that piled up in their back yard in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on January 3. "I have to bribe him with food to get him in and even that doesn't always work," she said. Courtesy Kimberly Stoltman
Barbara and Steve Elinski say their pup Teddy just couldn't get enough of the fluffy white powder that piled up outside their home in Cohoes, New York, after the nor'easter came through on January 3. He was enjoying the snow so much that the Elinskis had to carry him back inside before he froze. Courtesy Barbara and Steve Elinski
Even though her 10-year-old gordon setter Pete is getting older, Christine Nelson says he enjoys everything about the snow. The Wisconsin resident photographed Pete trotting through the snow in their backyard after more than 20 inches accumulated in some parts of their area. Courtesy Christine Nelson
Beth Kelly's Jack Russell and black lab mix Harper isn't fazed by the cold weather in Strafford, New Hampshire. She photographed Harper after she buried her face into the fresh snow. "She loves snow and likes to bury her head in it, searching for who knows what," she said. Courtesy Beth Kelly
Evan Sanders shot this photo of his girlfriend's dog, Valentino, a shih tzu mix, romping in the snow while they hiked the trails in Pittsburgh's Emerald Park Sunday. Courtesy Evan R. Sanders
It was a snowy evening on January 2 when Melissa Nims' 2-year-old pomapoo Chloe wanted to go outside. Her area of Macedon, New York, got more than 12 inches of snow. It was the perfect amount for Chloe to play in. "She ran around and kept sticking her face into the snow," she said. Courtesy Melissa Nims
New Jersey resident Donna Dempsey couldn't stop her beagle, Batman, from dashing into the white fluffy stuff on Friday morning. "He was out there checking out all the smells and keeping an eye on his yard. He loves being outside and forging paths," she said. Courtesy Donna Dempsey
Judy Schapker's pomeranian Jet can't stop sticking his face in the snow. "If we throw a handfull of snow into the air, he loves to jump up and try to catch it as it falls," the Cincinnati resident said. Courtesy Judy Schapker
When Karlee Dick's pup Jayden first saw the snow outside their home in Glendale Heights, Illinois, she was frightened. "She was scared and barked at it, but now she jumps in it and loves to bury her toys under the snow," she said. Courtesy Karlee Dick