Behind the scenes of the storm

Updated 4:15 PM ET, Fri January 3, 2014
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CNN's Anne Clifford took this photo of snow-covered walkways in New York's Central Park on Friday, January 3. Anne Clifford/CNN
A man takes a photo of the view in Central Park. Anne Clifford/CNN
CNN photojournalist Jake Carpenter posted this picture of Chicago's North Sawyer Avenue on January 3. Jake Carpenter/CNN
Instagram user kimberlycarolyn submitted this photo that she says is a "plow party" at Boston's Logan International Airport. Kimberly Caroly
Here's a look at how CNN's Indra Petersons and Steve Kastenbaum are staying warm in 1-degree weather in Boston. CNN
CNN producer Ross Levitt posted this behind-the-scenes photo of the snowstorm in Boston's Chinatown. Ross Levitt/CNN
Twitter user @SamOrnelas1 submitted this photo, writing: "Good morning south eastern PA!! Looks like 6" to me!" Sam Ornelas
CNN's John Berman and Michaela Pereira host "New Day" from outside Time Warner Center in New York City on January 3. CNN
Twitter user @MaelynnGallop submitted this photo from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, saying: "Here at #DTW so early that my plane wasn't started yet! #NoCancellationsPlease." Maelynn Gallo
Twitter user @gods_byrd submitted this picture and wrote: "SnowFIGHT 3am with the hommie. #TOOFUN!"
Levitt is with Petersons in Boston. He says "From Boston, @IndraPetersons braving the elements live on EarlyStartCNN NewDay."
CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports from Boston, saying, "Our live truck starting to look like an Antarctic research station." Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
CNN's Pamela Brown reports on the storm from New York's LaGuardia Airport.
Twitter user @Henlips submitted this image of cots set up at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. Twitter/Henry Phillip
Twitter user @Shirky3Hannan submitted this photo, writing: "At least someone loves the snow! "Where's my ball, mom?!"
Facebook user Dianne Howard submitted this photo, writing, "Southern Vermont ... 1-2-2014 just after dawn ... there's more now!"
Levitt posted this picture of their camera on his Instagram page.