2013: Food world highs and lows

Updated 3:18 AM ET, Thu December 26, 2013
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Food & Wine Magazine's Kate Krader declares that 2013 was the year of the doughnut, with hybrids and knockoffs of signature items abounding -- but that's not the "hole" story. See the best and worst of the food world this year. Hemera Technologies
The Good -- Bakeries in the Spotlight: The Cronut (that's Dominique Ansel Bakery's doughnut-croissant hybrid) craze was noteworthy, but bakeries across the country were having the best year ever. Dominique Ansel Bakery
The Good -- Mucho Tacos: It was a great year for innovation in the realm of tacos, from Taco Bell's Fiery Doritos Locos to pork belly carnitas and grilled brisket and bacon tacos. Kat Kinsman/CNN
The Good -- Better Airport Eats: From LAX to London Heathrow, travelers no longer have to shovel down dismal sandwiches and snacks between flights. Chefs like Michael Voltaggio and Heston Blumenthal are bringing a touch of gourmet to the gate.
The Bad -- Food Mash-Ups: Not everything is as crafty as a Cronut. Some questionable hybrids, like donut or waffle breakfast sandwiches, just proved that sometimes, more is more. Dunkin Donuts
The Bad -- Endless Lines: Items like the Cronut and the ramen burger didn't just build up buzz -- they drew massive, block-wrapping lines. Only occasionally were they worth the hype. EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images
The Bad -- Celebrity Chef Scandals: Paula Deen and Nigella Lawson might wish to step out of the spotlight in 2014. The publicity over their alleged bad behavior just left a bad taste in everyone's mouths. Jason Merritt/Getty Images