The gift of books for Guyanese community

Updated 10:41 AM ET, Thu December 26, 2013
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A library in the Guyana village of Sandvoort was completed in November. With a budget of about $5,000, the community agreed to front nearly 30% of the costs. Courtesy Matt Cusimano
Villagers in Sandvoort come out to help clean up the future library space. Courtesy Dan Honegger
Everything for the library was donated. Some villagers contributed by cooking for hungry workers, while others shelved books or painted. Courtesy Dan Honegger
Carpenter Korth Leitch works with Clifton Haywood to measure and cut wood for bookshelves. Courtesy Matt Cusimano
Matt Cusimano, a Peace Corps volunteer and a teacher, shows sisters Stacy and Kayla Hope how to use a pencil sharpener. Courtesy Dan Honegger
Teenagers were the first to explore the books donated to the Sandvoort library, including this one on college football. Courtesy Matt Cusimano
Sandvoort resident Joan Mars donated some of her collection of National Geographic magazines to the library. Courtesy Matt Cusimano
Kianna Leitch learns how to operate a pencil sharpener. Courtesy Dan Honegger
The children at Sandvoort's primary school didn't have access to books or computers before the new library opened. Courtesy Matt Cusimano