Could 'air' displays replace touchscreens?

Published 8:59 AM ET, Tue December 24, 2013
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According to Russian designer Max Kamanin, creator of Displair, high-tech displays made from mist and air are "the next step in visual technology". Courtesy Displair
According to Displair the image is created inside a layer of "dry fog which is composed of ultra-fine water droplets." Courtesy Displair
3-dimensional projections are created using infrared sensors. Courtesy Displair
The screen responds "intuitively" to hand movements -- 1500 of them -- many of which are similar to those used on our mobile devices, such as pinch-and-zoom. Courtesy Displair
The screen's inventors think that Displair screens could be used in medicine, and offer a more hygienic alternative to touchscreens. Courtesy Displair
In the future the team hope to explore scent, to offer users a multi-sensory experience. Courtesy Displair