Bank robber dresses as Santa

A bank robber wearing a Santa hat and beard is seen on video surveillance at a SunTrust Bank in Port Orange, Florida, on Monday, December 23.

Story highlights

  • A bank robber wore a Santa hat, beard, and sunglasses
  • He brought a gift-wrapped package and suggested it was harmful
  • He was given money and fled
  • The box didn't contain an explosive
A bank robber wearing a Santa hat and beard walked into a Port Orange, Florida, bank and walked out with loot, police said Tuesday.
The incident took place Monday at a SunTrust Bank.
The man, who also wore sunglasses, placed a package on the teller's counter. It was wrapped with what appears in a surveillance photo to be pink gift wrap.
The man handed the teller a note demanding cash. The note suggested the package was harmful, police said.
He was given money. Authorities haven't disclosed how much.
The robber left the package on the counter, walked out and fled in a dark vehicle.
The bank was evacuated and secured, police said.
The package turned out not to contain an explosive device.