Journey to the finish lines

Published 10:51 AM ET, Tue December 24, 2013
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On Thanksgiving Day, Jayson Black, 28, began his mission to raise awareness and money for a Las Vegas food bank by running 26 marathons in 26 days for a total of 681.2 miles. Courtesy Jay Black
All of Black's proceeds will go to the Three Square Food Bank. An estimated 16.2% of the Southern Nevada population is considered "food insecure," meaning people do not know when or from where their next meal will come. Courtesy Jay Black
Black followed a strict vegan diet for this challenge. On Thanksgiving Day, Black weighed 130 pounds. By day 16, he had dropped to 123 pounds. Courtesy Jay Black
It typically takes Black five or six hours to complete a marathon. The most he has ever run in one day is 52 miles. "I'm an avid runner," Black says in an iReport video. "I enjoy running. It sets me free and having the opportunity to do something I love while it's benefiting other people is awesome." Courtesy Jay Black
Black suffered from a shin injury and stress fracture during the challenge. "I have to keep telling myself that pain is temporary and quitting lasts forever," he said. "Hunger doesn't take a day off. Neither am I." Courtesy Jay Black
On December 12 , Black received a commendation by Henderson, Nevada, Mayor Andy Hafen for his efforts. "I'm proud to be relaying the Three Square Food Bank commitment that no one should go hungry," Black said.
Black completed the final 26.2 miles on December 23, and he raised a total of $4,024 for the Three Square Food Bank in Nevada. Courtesy Jayson Black