Escaping violence in South Sudan

Updated 5:35 PM ET, Fri April 18, 2014
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Students take notes during an English language class at the Juba Nabari Primary School in Juba, South Sudan, on Wednesday, April 9. Recent conflict in the country has made resources scarce; many civil servants, including teachers, have not received their pay for several months. South Sudan erupted in violence on December 15 when rebels loyal to ousted Vice President Riek Machar tried to stage a coup. Violence quickly spread, with reports of mass killings emerging nationwide. ANDREI PUNGOVSCHI/AFP/Getty Images
Bags of food are dropped from a plane during a World Food Program operation Tuesday, April 1, in Nyal, South Sudan. ANDREEA CAMPEANU/REUTERS/LANDOV
Worn-out shoes are seen in an internally displaced persons camp Thursday, March 27, in Juba. Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images
Students play Tuesday, March 25, at the Dr. John Garang International School in Juba. Ivan Lieman/AFP/Getty Images
A man carries a bag on his shoulder at a camp in Malakal, South Sudan, on Wednesday, March 19. Ivan Lieman/AFP/Getty Images
A man recovers from serious injuries, which he sustained in clashes between government forces and rebels, at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Malakal on Tuesday, March 18. Ivan Lieman/AFP/Getty Images
A South Sudanese man walks in a puddle Saturday, March 15, at a camp for internally displaced people. JM LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images
Displaced children from South Sudan gather to play soccer at a camp in Khartoum, Sudan, on Wednesday, March 12. MOHAMED NURELDIN ABDALLAH/REUTERS/LANDOV
A woman carrying empty cans for water passes an armored vehicle affiliated with the United Nations mission in Malakal on Monday, March 3. ANDREEA CAMPEANU/REUTERS/LANDOV
An 8-year-old boy waits in a car during Petroleum Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau's visit to an oil production facility in Paloch, South Sudan, on Sunday, March 2. The boy's father, a member of the Sudan People's Liberation Army, said his son was dressed like a pilot because that's what he wants to be when he grows up. ANDREEA CAMPEANU/reuters/LANDOV
Catholics pray for peace during a religious ceremony in Juba on Sunday, February 23. Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
People are silhouetted at dawn on Thursday, February 20, as they walk on the main road to Cueibet, South Sudan. TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
An inmate sits shackled to a tree Wednesday, February 19, in the courtyard of the central prison in Rumbek, South Sudan. TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
South Sudanese people from the Dinka ethnic group stand among cattle at a cattle camp in Yirol, South Sudan, on Wednesday, February 12. FABIO BUCCIARELLI/afp/getty images
A South Sudanese People's Liberation Army soldier patrols in Malakal on Tuesday, January 21. HARRISON NGETHI/AFP/Getty Images
A woman runs through the street in Malakal as gunshots ring out a few streets over on January 21. Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin/ap
A Sudan People's Liberation Army soldier sits in a helicopter flying over Western Equatoria State on Tuesday, January 14. PHIL MOORE/AFP/Getty Images
A United Nations peacekeeper gestures as South Sudanese students wait to walk back to a camp for internally displaced people after taking an English exam at a United Nations base in Juba on Monday, January 13. PHIL MOORE/AFP/Getty Images
Government soldiers prepare to deploy from Juba on January 13 as fighting continues to rage in South Sudan. CHARLES LOMODONG/AFP/Getty Images
A young man balances a bed on his head as he walks through empty streets and destroyed buildings after government forces retook from rebel forces the provincial capital of Bentiu, in Unity State, South Sudan, on Sunday, January 12. Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin/ap
South Sudanese government forces riding on a vehicle through a still-smoldering town pass a boy after government forces retook the provincial capital of Bentiu on January 12. Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin/ap
A boy carries chickens off a boat arriving in the village of Minkammen in Awerial county, South Sudan, on Saturday, January 11. PHIL MOORE/AFP/Getty Images
A picture shows an aerial view of a camp of internally displaced people in Minkammen, on Friday, January 10. Nichole Sobecki/AFP/Getty Images
Internally displaced children carry water in Minkammen on January 10. PHIL MOORE/AFP/Getty Images
A woman covers her face as a U.N. helicopter takes off from Minkammen, where people receive food aid and other items from a recent International Committee of the Red Cross on Wednesday, January 8. Nichole Sobecki/AFP/Getty Images
A displaced south Sudanese sleeps in a makeshift shelter at a crowded encampment within the United Nations Mission in South Sudan on Saturday, January 4. CHARLES ATIKI LOMODONG/AFP/Getty Images
One of the few to have a mosquito net, a displaced family who fled the recent fighting between government and rebel forces in Bor by boat across the White Nile, sit under it in Awerial, South Sudan, on Thursday, January. 2. Ben Curtis/ap
A boy rests on the fender of a water truck Tuesday, December 31, at a United Nations compound on the outskirts of Juba, South Sudan. The compound has become home to thousands fleeing the recent fighting in South Sudan. Ben Curtis/AP
South Sudanese government soldiers man a tank near the airport in Malakal, South Sudan, on Monday, December 30. Ben Curtis/AP
Displaced women wait in line inside a U.N. camp in Malakal on December 30. Ben Curtis/AP
South Sudanese refugees carry relief supplies an a U.N. camp in Juba on Sunday, December 29. Lv Rui/Xinhua/SIPA
Moveable stairs used for passengers to board aircraft are repurposed into makeshift shelters at a U.N. compound in Juba on December 29. Ben Curtis/AP
A child plays with a tire next to a large puddle of muddy water inside the U.N. compound in Juba on December 29. Ben Curtis/AP
A girl carries a bowl of water after filling it from a truck at the U.N. compound in Juba on December 29. Ben Curtis/AP
A man walks in a ward where most patients are soldiers with gunshot wounds inside the Juba Military Hospital in Juba on Saturday, December 28. Ben Curtis/ap
South Sudan Vice President James Wani Igga, center left, arrives to visit patients at the Juba Military Hospital on December 28. Ben Curtis/AP
A displaced boy carries a cardboard box inside a U.N. compound in Juba on Friday, December 27. Ben Curtis/ap
Displaced people bathe and wash clothes in a stream in a U.N. compound in Juba on December 27. Ben Curtis/ap
A woman carries items on her head through the U.N. compound in Juba on December 27. Ben Curtis/ap
One-month-old Nhial Hoan Malual receives treatment for dehydration and chest pains in a medical tent run by Doctors Without Borders at the U.N. compound in Juba on December 27. Ben Curtis/ap
South Korean soldiers provide water at a refugee camp in South Sudan on Thursday, December 26. Hundreds of South Korean soldiers are stationed in the town of Bor as part of United Nations peacekeeping forces. YNA/epa /LANDOV
A mother displaced by recent fighting in South Sudan rests on top of her belongings in a makeshift U.N. shelter on Monday, December 23. JAMES AKENA/REUTERS/LANDOV
Families seek refuge in U.N. camp warehouse on December 23. JAMES AKENA /REUTERS /LANDOV
People gather to receive emergency food rations from the World Food Programme at a makeshift camp on December 23. JAMES AKENA /REUTERS /LANDOV
The United Nations relocates noncritical staff from Juba to Entebbe, Uganda, on Sunday, December 22. Irene Scott/UNMISS/AP
A South Sudanese girl puts her family's laundry out to dry on a barbed-wire fence at a makeshift U.N. camp in Juba on December 22. TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
The World Food Programme distributes food for displaced people at a U.N. compound in Bentiu, the capital of the oil-producing Unity state, on December 22. Anna Adhikari/UNMISS/AP
South Sudanese women carry water at a U.N. camp in Juba on December 22. lu rui/XINHUA /LANDOV
People take refuge December 22 near a camp of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force, which is part of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Juba. Kyodo/AP
South Sudanese civilians take shelter at a U.N. mission on Tuesday, December 17. Benjamin Lowy/Getty Images
South Sudanese civilians seek shade at the mission's base on December 17. Benjamin Lowy/Getty Images
Tens of thousands of civilians have taken refuge in U.N. bases in South Sudan. These civilians were photographed at one of the bases December 17. Benjamin Lowy/Getty Images
A young child takes shelter at a U.N. base on December 17. Benjamin Lowy/Getty Images