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The retired FBI agent's family missing in Iran had sought meeting

FBI Director James Comey assumed the post in September

It was revealed a week ago that Bob Levinson was a CIA contract employee

He is also a retired FBI agent

(CNN) —  

FBI Director James Comey sat down on Friday for the first time with the wife and a son of retired FBI agent Bob Levinson, who went missing while doing an undercover mission for the CIA in Iran, according to Levinson’s family attorney.

The family had wanted to meet with the new FBI director since he took office in September and they had asked again when it was publicly revealed a week ago that Levinson had been a contract employee for the spy agency.

The FBI said this week it has been trying to arrange a face-to-face conversation with Comey before now, but that his work schedule had made it difficult.

Nothing has been released yet about what was said during the meeting.

The family’s attorney, David McGee, said he has received numerous calls from Levinson’s friends and contacts in several countries, including Russia and Iran, offering help.

The U.S. government and the family have both said they don’t know Levinson’s whereabouts exactly.

Secretary of State John Kerry has said the United States continues to do everything it can to locate him and “has not abandoned him.”

Iran’s government repeatedly has said it is not holding Levinson, 65, and does not know where he is.

He disappeared in Iran in March 2007 during a business trip, purportedly undertaken as a private investigator looking into cigarette smuggling.

But the Associated Press and The Washington Post reported last week that he had been working as a contractor for the CIA. The White House said Levinson “was not a U.S. government employee” when he disappeared.

McGee told CNN that records he found show “without a shadow of a doubt” that Levinson was indeed a contract employee of the CIA on a rogue assignment in Iran for the agency when he disappeared.

CNN reached out to the FBI for comment about the meeting but has not heard back.