Your spectacular Christmas decorations

Updated 9:22 AM ET, Thu December 19, 2013
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There are people who love Christmas, and then there are people who go crazy for Christmas. Just look at this elaborately decorated home in Queens, New York, by retired firefighter Kevin Lynch and photographed by Robert Ondrovic. He says Lynch has been decorating his home for the past 17 years. Courtesy Robert Ondrovic
Marlo Cueto photographed an annual lights and sound show in the Philippines. "With thousands of lights dangling from the trees of Ayala Triangle Gardens, people enjoyed watching the show as the lights of variety of colors dance to the tune of Christmas medley," he says.This year's show is dedicated to the victims of the recent typhoon. Courtesy Marlo Cueto
It looks like some Christmas fairies have gone wild on this garden bench and flowers. Brian Xavier took this photo at the Garden D'Lights show -- an annual Christmas lights event put on by the Bellevue Botanical Garden in Washington, U.S. "This is a garden bench scene that gave me the thought that the gardener had just stepped away and left her work for us to see." Courtesy Brian Xavier
London, like many cities, gets its fair share of Christmas decorations. Tomas Burian took this shot in the central Covent Garden. He says Christmas time is the best time of the year. "I always look forward to Christmas, as I get to travel back home to my family in the Czech Republic." Courtesy Tomas Burian
"Our yard is always full of pigs and gnomes," says Mike Matney. "It's a running joke within the family and you never know when a pig is going to show up in a suitcase when we go on a trip." Courtesy Mike Matney
Misael photographed the Christmas spirit of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He says the photo portrays "the joy of our people, my people are very happy despite the problems we have, we always see the positive in life." Courtesy Misael Corner
To Robert Ondrovic, Christmas in New York City is always magical, "with the Radio City show, the Rockefeller Center tree with the ice skaters below, the window displays along fifth avenue and the overall spirit in the air with all the visitors this time of year." Courtesy Robert Ondrovic
Seoul's Shinsegae Department Store, covered in lights, was this year's first encounter with real Christmas decorations for American Korean language student Morgan Brenner. "I sent the photo to friends and family in the US, and my father commented that Seoul seemed far more Christmassy than my hometown in Ohio at the time." Courtesy Morgan Brenner
The German-speaking Italian province of South Tyrol is a popular destination for tourists wanting to experience some of its famous Christmas markets. PGPescali was working on a feature in South Tyrol when he decided to capture the festivities. "I like colors and lights, the best time to see them is when it snows," he said. Courtesy PGPescali
Erin McCormack was visiting Paris during a Thanksgiving vacation with her sister and a friend when she came across this light installation. "It definitely put me in more of a holiday spirit," she says. Courtesy Erin McCormack
This beautiful "Field of Lights", by artist Bruce Munro, can be found in Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens, who have an annual Christmas display. Mickey Raine and his wife Elaine count themselves lucky to be living close to it, "it's hard to fathom anyone loving the Christmas festivities each year there as much as we do," Mickey said. Courtesy J. Mickey Raine
Daniel Incandela started collecting quirky Christmas tree ornaments three years ago. This is one of his newest additions, a "Star Wars" Stormtrooper with a Christmas hat. Courtesy Daniel Incandela
Quirky Christmas ornaments seem to be the way to go. Coty L. Reed bought this rock star nutcracker in 2011, and it always makes it to the branches of their tree. "My son, Jameson, LOVES nutcrackers," she said. "I believe he is definitely English - seems to have a John Lennon style to me." Courtesy Coty L. Reed
Berlin lights up during Christmas time, and there are markets and Christmas displays around every corner. iReporter markpel took this photo of a giant Santa Claus in the western inner city, close to the famous luxury department store KaDeWe. Courtesy Markku Rainer Peltonen
This old truck wrapped in Christmas lights was on display in the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado. "During the winter season when it is too cold for folks to sit outside and enjoy a music concert, Hudson Gardens decorates their facility with thousands of Christmas holiday lighting," John C. Bielick said. "When I see the Christmas decorations in the wintery cold, I get a feeling of warmth inside." Courtesy John C. Bielick
More Christmas trucks! "I've seen [the trucks] come by before, but I've never been able to catch them," said Paul Tamasi, who shot this photo on December 11. Courtesy Paul Tamasi
Victoria Agronskaya discovered this beautifully decorated fountain in the GUM department store in Moscow, Russia. "The GUM fountain is the most famous fountain in Moscow," Victoria explains. This year, the water has been replaced with Christmas toys and there is a small Christmas market surrounding it. Courtesy Victoria Agronskaya
Richelle82 says Christmas is a big holiday in the Philippines. "Just like the rest of the world, the Philippines celebrates Christmas in a joyful way," she said. "There will always be Christmas spirit in the Philippines no matter how many calamities have hit the country." Courtesy richelle82
This is the largest Christmas lights display in the Royal Oak area, according to Sean Fleming. He says this is the 35th and final year they will be on display. "I feel it will be a little less festive without the lights and I will have to go somewhere else to soak in the lights," he said. Courtesy Sean Fleming