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Updated 7:15 AM ET, Thu December 19, 2013
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Structure Sensor Pledged: $1,643,117 -- Attach Structure Sensor to your tablet and you can instantly capture the world in digital form. Users can capture 3D maps of spaces and objects and play augmented reality games where the real world is your game world. For example, one of the demo applications is called "Fetch", a virtual pet to play fetch with in the physical world around you. Courtesy Structure Sensor
Emotiv Insight Pledged: $1,643,117 -- With this high-tech headset it is possible to do something which has, until now, been the reserve of neurologists: record brain activity and turn it into digestible data on a mobile phone. The app provides you with a daily productivity profile -- when you're paying attention, interest levels, and bursts of focus or stress, helping you to improve your cognitive fitness. Courtesy Emotiv Insight
Arkyd Space Telescope Pledged: $1,505,366 -- With the Arkyd space telescope, backers can have their picture displayed on the telescope's external screen and have the scene captured by the machine's outer camera; a "space selfie" so to speak. The Arkyd's main mission is to help locate and research minable asteroids, and space fans can take part by requesting control over the exploration path of the telescope. courtesy Arkyd / kickstarter
3Doodler Pledged: $2,344,134 -- The 3Doodler really does bring childhood fantasy to life. Draw whatever you like in mid-air and it shall appear. Here's how it works: as the user draws in the air, 3Doodler extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. It's the cheapest and easiest way to make 3printed models to date. Courtesy 3Doodle
The 10-year hoodie Pledged: $1,053,830 -- The 10-year hoodie is a deceptive name as the garment is designed to last a lifetime. However, U.S. manufacturers Flint and Tinder offer a 10-year guarantee. The design team behind the product have used durable techniques that they hope will highlight the prevalence of "planned obsolescence" in the industry. Courtesy Flint and tinder
CST-01 Pledged: $1,026,292 -- The idea for the CST-01 began in December 2011 when Dave Vondle, one of the founders of Central Standard Timing (CST), taped an E-Ink display (electronic paper) around his wrist and said, "I want a watch like this." And so his wish was granted. The CST-01, the thinnest watch in the world, is less than 1mm thick and weighs less than 5 pennies. Courtesy Central Standard Timing
Lima Pledged: $1,229,074 -- Lima is small and simple for something so big and smart. It's an adapter that acts as the brain of your devices by pulling together all your files so that they are common to your smartphone, tablet and computers, as if they were one device. This means you can watch thousands of films on your iPad, even if you bought the lowest memory model. courtesy Lima
CastAR Pledged: $1,052,110 -- Inspired by R2-D2 and Chewbacca's holographic chess game in Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope, Technical Illusions has developed castAR, a projected augmented reality system that displays 3D projections right in front of you. The frames of the glasses contain micro-projectors that cast 3D images that change perspective depending on your orientation.
Omni Pledged: $1,109,351 -- With the Omni, gamers can traverse virtual terrains by running. It is the first virtual reality interface for moving freely and naturally within the game you're playing. By jumping, running and dodging danger in your living room, players will achieve an "unprecedented sense of immersion". Courtesy Virtuix
Petzval Lens Pledged: $1,396,149 -- This tech venture is a reinvention of a lens that dates back to 1840. Since then we have discovered air travel, cars, light bulbs, computers and the internet, yet some photographers believe we are still unable to produce a camera lens that takes nicer portraits than the Petzval. This year Lomography have redeveloped it for use with both digital and analog cameras. Courtesy Lomography / Kickstarter
Buccaneer Pledged: $1,438,765 -- 3D printing is the hottest tech there is right now. The Buccaneer by Pirate3D is intended to be very simple to use; you just "plug-and-print". Hidden behind the silver casing is a complex of mechanisms that we don't need to understand, as the finished product will just descend from the device before our very eyes. Apparently. courtesy buccaneer / kickstarter