Remembering Joan Fontaine

Published 4:40 PM ET, Mon December 16, 2013
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Joan Fontaine, seen here acting in the 1944 film "Frenchman's Creek" died Monday, December 16, according to longtime friend Noel Beutel. The Oscar-winning actress was 96. Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images
Fontaine and Fred Astaire appear in a scene from the film "Damsel In Distress" in 1937. RKO Radio Pictures/Getty Images
Fontaine and Laurence Olivier embrace in "Rebecca," a 1940 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. For her role in "Rebecca," Fontaine earned her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.
Fontaine, second from left, sits with producer David Selznick, Hitchcock and Hitchcock's wife, Alma, at the Academy Awards presentation dinner in 1941. "Rebecca" won Best Picture that year. Peter Stackpole//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Fontaine won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in another Hitchcock film, "Suspicion," in 1941.
Fontaine holds her Oscar at the awards show in February 1942. Eric Marrapodi/CNN
Orson Welles and Fontaine, in a publicity still for "Jane Eyre" in 1943. Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Fontaine, left, plays cards with her sister, Olivia de Havilland, circa 1945. The two actresses, the only sisters to have won the Oscar for Best Actress, feuded for much of their lives and had to be seated on opposite ends of the stage during one Oscar winners' reunion in 1979. Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Fontaine appears in a scene from "Ivy" with actor Richard Ney in 1947. Martha Holmes//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Burt Lancaster caresses Fontaine's head in the 1948 film "Kiss the Blood Off My Hands." Mondadori/Getty Images
Fontaine and James Stewart work together in a scene from the 1948 movie "You Gotta Stay Happy." Mondadori/Getty Images
Fontaine and Bing Crosby, cheek to cheek in a scene from the film "The Emperor Waltz" in 1948. Paramount/Getty Images
Fontaine and Joseph Cotten act out a romantic scene from the movie "September Affair" in 1950. Mondadori/Getty Images
Robert Taylor and Fontaine appear in the 1952 film "Ivanhoe." Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Jack Palance and Fontaine in "Flight to Tangier" in 1953. Mondadori/Getty Images
Fontaine and Collier Young sit together at a restaurant table at the Biltmore Hotel in New York City in 1956. Jack Albin/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Fontaine and Harry Belafonte appear in the 1957 film "Island In the Sun."
Fontaine, escorted by Charles Addams, arrives at the Rivoli Theater in 1963 for the world premiere of the film "Cleopatra" in New York. Harvey Lippman/AP
Fontaine appears scared of the branch-like hand coming at her in a scene from the 1966 film "The Devil's Own." 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images
Fontaine and George Oppenheimer attend a 1974 gala honoring Hitchcock in New York. John Lent/AP