Bali's luxury bamboo villas

Updated 11:20 AM ET, Mon December 16, 2013
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Tucked away in the depths of Bali's lush jungle lies one the of the island's most remarkable settlements -- the Green Village. Courtesy Green Village
Its 18 homes are made almost entirely out of bamboo. Courtesy Green Village
The Green Village community is the brainchild of Elora Hardy, daughter of John Hardy who set up Bali's Green School with the aim of educating a new generation of students in an environmentally responsible way. Courtesy Green Village
The village's philosophy of sustainability doesn't mean that it lacks 21st century comforts. Electricity, as well as high-end bathroom and kitchen fittings are the standard in all villas. Courtesy Green Village
All the houses are centered around a single communal area, but discreet gardens give each one privacy. Courtesy Green Village
Open walls blur the lines between outside and inside space, and let villa dwellers sample extraordinary views of the rushing Ayung river below. Courtesy Green Village
However, in case of a sudden thunderstorm, intelligent design and roll-down shutters are quick to protect villa inhabitants from getting soaked. Interior walls are lined with banana paper, and aluminum protects the roof. Courtesy Green Village
The angle of the main structural logs is also important to minimize the impact of direct sun and rain. dean irvine/cnn
The design shows another side of bamboo that the operational director Patrick How hopes will help the material become more popular. Courtesy Green Village
A myriad of innovative bamboo walkways and staircases weave through the village. dean irvine/cnn
The structures combine architectural experimentation with artisanal craftsmanship. Courtesy Green Village
"Many people still think bamboo is cheap and only for small buildings, but we're showing it can be used to make high houses, and really redefine how the material is used," says How.
Lucky villa dwellers can choose whether they want to enjoy breathtaking jungle views from their king-size bed or the comfortable hammock. Courtesy Green Village
The residential villas cost between $500,000 and $2 million. Courtesy Green Village
Green Village architect Defit Wijaya plans to build a house with a 15-meter roof span, which is twice as big as the largest one so far. It will not have any central columns, with open space flowing without interruption. Courtesy Green Village
"This is the future. It's pure breathe fresh air and touch nature, that's everything" says Wijaya. Courtesy Green Village
Mokoho Sumerta, chief builder from the nearby bamboo factory which supplies material to the Green Village, says that they dramatically increased the life-span of a bamboo buildings by treating each piece with a mix of boric acid and water to stop fungus and insects: "Before doing this a bamboo structure would last only seven years, now we're not sure how long a building can last." CNN
Around 200 farmers across Bali are paid to grow bamboo on areas of their land not used for agriculture. Some of the largest logs are 25 meters long but only take 3 years to grow. Dean Irvine/CNN
"The first step (for us) is to create sustainable luxury living and different a mindset," says Green Village architect Defit Wijaya. Courtesy Green Village