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Updated 9:44 AM ET, Fri December 13, 2013
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Buy tickets to major sights online before you go. moodboard/Corbis
Choose your shoes first when packing, then match your clothes.
Let experts compete to reduce the cost of your ticket at Flightfox. Courtesy of FlightFox
Save your miles for big-ticket international airfares.
Rome2Rio compares the travel time and cost of different modes of travel between two destinations. Courtesy of Rome2Rio
Bring socks in your carry-on bag to protect your feet from the germs of other travelers.
Ask at the ticket counter if you can buy an upgrade. You might get a cheap rate.
Bring essential medicines, especially if you're traveling someplace where they're not common.
Follow the (local) crowd to the best restaurants. Locals know where to eat.
Bookmark your favorite sites on Yelp, so you can explore a new town without backtracking all day.