An Army of one

Updated 9:47 AM ET, Mon December 16, 2013
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At her heaviest in 2012, Karyna Douglass weighed 300 pounds. She often ate fast food for dinner and loved to binge on candy at night. Courtesy Karyna Douglas
Douglass celebrated her 22nd birthday with a whale-watching trip. On the boat, she noticed her fellow passengers admiring Coast Guard members and started thinking about joining the military. Courtesy Karyna Douglas
Douglass, center, started working out daily with a group of local Army recruits and others like her, who were considering enlisting. She also cut out fast food, fried food and soda and cut back on candy. Courtesy Karyna Douglas
Over the course of a year and three months, Douglass lost 110 pounds -- and measured up to the Army's size requirements. Courtesy Karyna Douglas
Douglass says she's a "walking Army billboard." She was sworn in on December 12 and will soon head to basic training. Courtesy Karyna Douglas