Passing the kolachi nut roll torch

Updated 10:13 PM ET, Thu December 12, 2013
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It isn't a holiday at John Bodnar's home without traditional kolachi nut rolls -- a sweet, filled Slavic pastry. John Bodnar/CNN
Bodnar's aunt Eleanor long held the unofficial family title as best nut roll maker. She took care to pass the craft to her daughter. Here, his aunt Carolyn grinds the nuts for the kolachi. John Bodnar/CNN
The nut mixture is prepared ahead of time. The family's recipe uses walnuts. John Bodnar/CNN
The dough should not rise before rolling or baking. John Bodnar/CNN
The dough should be rolled thinly into an approximately 18"x18" square. John Bodnar/CNN
Nut filling tops the dough. John Bodnar/CNN
The dough gets rolled into a long, tight log. John Bodnar/CNN
A pinch or push in the ends of the roll helps the filling stay sealed during baking and slicing. John Bodnar/CNN