Kenya at 50: Stunning photos celebrate country's culture

Updated 10:05 AM ET, Thu December 12, 2013
Kenya Photography Contest 2Kenya Photography Contest 2
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A photography competition is celebrating Kenya's 50th year of independence from British rule.
Kelvin Shani said of his image capturing a sunset at the Rift Valley: "It was photographed at the viewpoint on the way to Mai Mahiu. I see it as a very welcoming picture showcasing the raw beauty of Kenya with its vast landscapes."
Kelvin Shani
Peter Ndung'u said of his photo: "Every Kenyan can relate to a Maasai as being part of the Kenyan cultural groups and traditions. Local tourists and international tourists are familiar with them and their popular dance that involves high jumps. They, in my opinion, form a strong part of the culture of our national heritage." Peter Ndung'u
Sebastian Wanzalla said his photo showed: "Boatmen in a dhow heading home after collecting building stones from the neighboring island Manda next to Lamu Island." Sebastian Wanzalla
Sarah Maries said: "The famous tusks on Moi Avenue, Mombasa, are symbolic of entrance into the heart of Mombasa town. They were built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth (II) to the town in 1952. Coincidentally they also spell M for Mombasa." Sarah Marie
Photographer George Kanyingi said: "Many times we have sat down around a fire and this lady had told us stories of how things were before, during and after independence. Her stories of how much things used to cost really intrigued us and I just wish she had a camera those days to capture all of it." George Kanyingi
Photographer Abdul Mutuma said: "Like the mountain rises above the clouds, we have risen adversity and trials. We celebrate our heritage that is the beauty of our great country and the strength of women in society who are the hands that moulded us into who we are." Abdul Mutuma
Ken Mwaura said: "Machakos Bus Station, also known as Masaku Airport, is one of the busiest and largest bus terminals in the country. The bus terminal has been passed down generations as a link for upcountry bound passengers traveling from Nairobi to other provinces in Kenya." Ken Mwaura
Sebastian Wanzalla said: "The Maasai are pastoralist and they have for centuries maintained their culture. And if you ask any foreigner anything about Kenya apart from our athletes and the wildlife the next thing they will mention is the Maasai people. They play a major role in the heritage of our country Kenya. Even the name Nairobi (meaning a place of cool waters) is a Maasai word." Sebastian Wanzalla
David Ndirangu said: "The Mwea Irrigation scheme is known as the largest producer of rice in the country." David Ndirangu
Mutua Matheka says this image was: "Photographed inside the gorge at Hell's Gate National Park in Naivasha." Mutua Matheka
Peter Ndung'u said: "These people build homes, churches, schools and monumental sites and buildings. Yet most of us do not know how important they are in our lives and building our nation. Kenya is growing and it will grow with our collective effort." Peter Ndung'u
Mwangi Kirubi said:' "Kenya's athletics team has always galvanized the nation behind our national colors. Whenever they take to the track, we forget our differences and remember we are one." Mwangi Kirubi
Boniface Mwangi said this photo showed: "The Kenyan flag flying high during the promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution on August 26th 2010. It was a historic ceremony, thousands of Kenyan's gathered to witness the establishment of a new constitution." Boniface Mwangi
Mutua Matheka's photo showing "General Kago Street, looking up at the Eco bank towers." Mutua Matheka