Tech we wanted in 2013

Published 8:23 AM ET, Wed December 11, 2013
Xbox One consoleXbox One console
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Sony and Microsoft are battling for video game console supremacy with the release of their next-gen systems. But who will take control of the market? Microsoft's Xbox One sold over a million units globally within 24 hours as retailers struggled to keep up with consumer demand. From Microsoft
The new Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) console (pictured here in store in Paris) has sold 1.25 million units in the United States during November. Priced at $399, the PS4 is $100 cheaper than rival Xbox One. JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images
Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch has a 1.6-inch display, low-res camera, 4GB of storage and comes in six colors. Itwent on sale in late September for a retail price of $299. Courtesy Samsung
A standard high-definition TV has a 1080p resolution, meaning more than 2 million pixels per frame. The new wave of 4K TVs now available have more than 8.8 million pixels, providing greater accuracy of detail; clearer, sharper pictures; and greater contrast and color than regular HD. JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images/File
Apple CEO Tim Cook announced not one but two new iPhones -- the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C -- at a press event in mid September. The new iPhone 5S is an upgrade to the previous model but also includes the new operating system, iOS7, and fingerprint technology. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Released in late November, Nintendo's Wii U is the follow up system to the highly successful Wii. The unit features a touchscreen controller that interacts with games on TV. Despite $60 games and a $350 launch price, Nintendo's Wii U also has compatibility with free mobile games. Courtesy Nintendo