Gifts for your hard-to-shop-for list

Published 11:44 AM ET, Wed December 11, 2013
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Your family and friends' new additions already seem to have so much stuff. What's left to give? Silver is a traditional heirloom gift for infants. Tiffany & Co. has plenty of gift options. from
Teenagers want the independence of adults, but they haven't given up on all the whimsy of childhood. Gifts that give a nod to their imagination, like these cardboard unicorn trophy heads from ThinkGeek, are a great, affordable example. from
A sophisticated take on teenage interests, like furniture made out of skateboards, could be a gift that respects a teen's evolving tastes. from
Distant relatives aren't easy to shop for because you might not know them very well. Give a gift that plays up your family name connection; stores like Pottery Barn often offer monogrammed gifts. from
In-laws or the parents of the person you're dating can be awkward to shop for. Choose a gift that pampers them -- like a luxurious down-filled robe -- and hopefully inspires warm, fuzzy feelings about you! from
What do you give to the person who already has everything they could possibly want? Something they can use! Herbal bath tea will be a gift of limited engagement, which makes it that much more special. from
The people who work with you at home -- babysitters, housekeepers and nannies -- often develop strong ties to your family. Choose gifts for them that play up your connection, like embroidered throw pillows from Uncommon Goods that celebrate the state where you live. from
Holiday gifts for hairdressers, tailors or other important service providers are no-brainers: It is widely accepted as proper etiquette to tip them the cost of a typical visit for the holidays. Shutterstock
Secret Santa gifts for office colleagues can be tricky. Sure, you know these people well, but work talk might be the only conversations you have. Give a gift that nods to what you know best: clever, funny or stylish office supplies, like the symbolic red Swingline stapler, a nod to the movie "Office Space." from
A holiday gift for the boss can be especially challenging. We suggest a stylish gift that reflects current trends. Heritage American companies like Pendleton are making a comeback in 2013; one of these Pendleton sofa throws would be a great gift for the boss. from
Small, affordable luxuries make great gifts for the inevitable surprise guest. Something like this Lampe Berger offers a stylish glass base along with a wide range of home scents. from
White Elephant parties are all about outrageous gifts. The pressure to bring the wackiest, most out-there gift can actually make shopping for these parties quite difficult. We suggest household utensils or useful object -- like these magnets from -- or gifts steeped in kitsch. from
You've probably got a December scheduled to the hilt with holiday parties. And you're on the hook for more than one host or hostess gift. For these gifts, think about the accoutrements needed for great entertaining, like these delightful corkscrews from Red Envelope. from
Ever hear of the Christmas pickle? The German tradition holds that whoever finds the pickle ornament hidden in your Christmas tree gets a wacky gift; we find this ceramic nose pencil sharpener from ThinkGeek to be on point. from