New York City police investigate death of Mexican diplomat's son

Story highlights

  • The infant son of a Mexican diplomat arrived at a hospital with bruises, police say
  • The boy died about 30 minutes later, and the death was declared "somewhat suspicious"
  • The Mexican consulate says it will assist the parents and is in contact with U.S. authorities
New York City police are investigating the death of a Mexican diplomat's 4-month-old son who was taken to a hospital with bruises on his body, authorities said Wednesday.
The infant, Eduardo Rocha Ovalle, was unresponsive when his parents took him to NYU Medical Center about 9 p.m. Tuesday, police said. The baby was declared dead about half an hour after arriving at the hospital.
The Consulate General of Mexico in New York confirmed that the baby's father is "credited as part of the consular staff."
The identities of the parents were not released.
New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters Wednesday that investigators were awaiting autopsy results but that an official from the medical examiner's office declared the death "somewhat suspicious" after examining the body at the hospital.
"There were bruises on the baby's body, and the investigation is going forward," Kelly told a news conference.
In its statement, the Mexican consulate said, "As required by international law, we will offer all assistance and consular protection required by the parents under these circumstances and the Consulate will closely monitor the developments in this case. We are in contact with the relevant U.S. authorities."
The consulate declined to comment further. "The case will be treated in accordance with the local legal system," the statement said.
Referring to the father's diplomatic status, Kelly said: "His only diplomatic immunity, if you will, is pursuant to his official duty."
Wanda Hernandez, 52, superintendent of the building where the infant lived with his parents, told CNN affiliate NY1 that at about 1 a.m. Wednesday police questioned her about the family after the baby's death.
"I stood in shock," she said. "Because she seemed like a very good mother, and she, like, adores that baby. You know she adores him. I remember her taking pictures and every time ... I say, 'How's the baby?' and she would show me pictures of the baby. For Halloween, she would dress him up."
Hernandez added, "They looked excited ... she seemed very happy with the baby."
No arrests have been made, Kelly said, and the special victims unit is handling the case.
"We have no cause of death at this time," Kelly said.