Grete Eliassen: Slopestyle's freespirit

Published 9:50 AM ET, Tue December 10, 2013
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Grete Eliassen is a U.S. freestyle skier who has always enjoyed pushing herself and her sport to new heights. As her Instagram account shows, Eliassen will bring plenty of flair to slopestyle's Olympic debut at Sochi 2014. Grete Eliassen
Eliassen recently showed off her skills at New York's Times Square, and the 27-year-old hopes she can continue to help grow her sport's profile. Grete Eliassen
When it comes to freestyle skiing, you don't have to hit the slopes to have a good time. Eliassen is as comfortable on the streets of Minneapolis as she is on the side of a mountain. Grete Eliassen
In her younger days Eliassen practiced on a tiny trampoline in her backyard. Now she has a "Super Tramp," which helps her perfect her tricks and maneuvers while also getting big air. Grete Eliassen
A self-confessed lover of powder, Eliassen is never happier than when her skis are flying through the white stuff. Grete Eliassen
As Eliassen's Instagram account shows, her camera often joins her on the slopes. Grete Eliassen
Eliassen, a USANA Health Sciences brand ambassador, grabs a shot of her fans while navigating a halfpipe. Grete Eliassen
With slopestyle set to make its a Olympic debut, Eliassen will be hoping to make the climb to the top of the podium. Grete Eliassen