'I have 29 children': The 'mothers' to Ethiopia's most vulnerable kids

Published 5:21 AM ET, Tue December 10, 2013
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Yekokeb Berhan is a program trying to help half a million highly vulnerable children in Ethiopia. Volunteers look after 25 kids as their own. Linda Roth/CNN
The group, whose name translates as "Light from the stars," works with other civil society organizations on projects such as renovating an early childhood development center, where children are taught Amharic and English. Linda Roth/CNN
Nap time for youngsters at the school. Linda Roth/CNN
Yekokeb Berhan volunteers look after vulnerable children. Volunteer Leyela Ayele, pictured on the far left, has fostered six children from a family in which the father was sick and the mother has died. Linda Roth/CNN
Volunteer Alemitu Yemes pictured at her market stall.
She has four children of her own and two foster kids, as well as looking after 25 kids from the Yekokeb Berhan program. She's given a small room in her compound, rent free, to a family of five. Everyone except the youngest child is HIV positive.
Linda Roth/CNN
A sign above the education center list the organizations that support it. Linda Roth/CNN