The Kelpies

Published 8:35 AM ET, Mon December 9, 2013
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"The Kelpies" -- the world's largest pair of equine sculptures, standing at 30 meters tall -- sit proudly in Scotland's Forth Valley, marking the culmination of a project that started nearly eight years ago. Angela Finlay
Sculptor Andy Scott made three-meter-high maquettes from two Clydesdale horses named Barron and Duke, which engineers upscaled by 10 times until they'd made the finished article. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
"The Kelpies" cost a total of $8 million and are part of a wider project to regenerate 350 hectares of land near the city of Falkirk. The Helix
Over six kilometers of steel was used to construct the sculptures, with 10,000 special fixings used to secure the outside "skin" of each horses head. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
A construction worker shows the scale of one of the sculptures. Scott insisted from the outset he wanted the public to be able to go inside them to appreciate the scale of the structures.
The Kelpies are a tribute to Scotland's industrial past and the working horses that used to pull barges along its canals and also work in the fields where they now stand. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Scott said he hopes his work can act as a catalyst for regeneration, like one of his favorite pieces -- Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate in Chicago." Scott Olson/Getty Images
Antony Gormley's "Angel of the North," just outside Newcastle in the United Kingdom, is another artwork on a grand scale that is cherished by the local population. AFP/Getty Images/file
It is hoped "The Kelpies" will attract 350,000 visitors to the area each year as part of a wider $70 million regeneration project. Alan Styles
"I can only hope that is what happens and they do act as a catalyst for a sense of pride and regeneration, to draw people to the area," Scott said. The Helix
Scott says the scale was very important to him, and that his vision has been justified: "They really are quite imposing, it's a flat estuary down there and they really have a presence on the landscape and work very well against the hills." The Helix