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Published 7:00 AM ET, Mon December 9, 2013
MiaVayner ObeseMiaVayner Obese
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After a spinal injury left her partially paralyzed below the waist, Mia Vayner ballooned to 540 pounds. She wore a size 36 dress. Courtesy Mia Vayner
Vayner decided she wasn't going to live a sedentary life and threw away her motorized wheelchair. She built a new sport wheelchair that was efficient for rolling long distances. Courtesy Mia Vayner
With the support of her wife, Evelyn, Vayner started pushing herself around the block of their neighborhood in Queens, New York. By the time she had lost 100 pounds she was doing a mile every morning. Courtesy Mia Vayner
Vayner also started swimming laps at the local pool. She now does 2 miles every morning and is considering doing a triathlon. Courtesy Mia Vayner
One of Vayner's favorite activities is rock climbing. She and Evelyn started with the NYC Adaptive Climbing group and were eventually climbing three times a week. Courtesy Mia Vayner
Vayner currently weighs around 265 pounds and wears a size 16 dress. Her cholesterol and blood pressure are at normal levels and she no longer has type 2 diabetes. Courtesy Mia Vayner