Rural schoolroom highlights China's education challenges

Published 3:02 AM ET, Mon December 9, 2013
China school yunnan 1China school yunnan 1
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Pupils work on a math exercise at Shahe Primary School, in a village near the county seat of Tengchong, a remote region in China's Yunnan province. Jaime FlorCruz/CNN
The teacher gets the children to pretend they are passengers getting on and off a bus for a lesson on the basics of addition and subtraction. Jaime FlorCruz/CNN
Pupils squeeze in for a group photo. The students exuded pent-up energy and hunger for knowledge. Jaime FlorCruz/CNN
"Study hard and make progress everyday" reads a slogan on top of the blackboard. Jaime FlorCruz/CNN
The class monitor answers a teacher's question. Learning by rote still plays a big role in China's education system. Jaime FlorCruz/CNN
The children eat lunch at an outside cafeteria. Jaime FlorCruz/CNN