Cyprus' offshore gas

Published 12:23 PM ET, Fri December 6, 2013
Noble energy rigNoble energy rig
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U.S.-based Noble Energy is operating in Cyprus' Aphrodite gas field and has a number of projects in the East Mediterranean. Courtesy: Noble Energy
A Cypriot fills a car with gasoline in Nicosia at a petrol station owned by Lukoil, Russia's second largest oil company. Cyprus' gas find could prove valuable for the European Union seeking to reduce reliance on Russian gas. AFP/Getty Images
A demonstrator shouts through a megaphone during a protest against austerity measures and the Troika on March 23 2013, in Nicosia, Cyprus. (Photo by Getty Images/Milos Bicanski) Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
Cypriot college students light a flare outside the presidential palace during a protest on March 26 2013. (AFP photo/Patrick Baz) PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images
Cypriot residents queued at Laiki Bank -- the country's second largest bank -- to withdraw their savings during Cyprus' financial crisis. The bank ultimately collapsed in March 2013. AFP/Getty Images