Mobile innovations that could change your life

Updated 6:25 AM ET, Thu December 12, 2013
galaxy smartwatchgalaxy smartwatch
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The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the latest gadget which changes the way we use our smartphones. It links up with Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and tablets to let users know when they receive a call, text message or e-mail. Getty Images
Google Glass could soon be saving some companies millions of dollars per year. Smartglasses will be particularly useful for workers who need to use both hands to complete complex tasks, such as conducting surgery or fixing a car. Ole Spata/AFP/Getty Images
Also rumoured: The Apple smartwatch. They've given nothing away except a major harbinger in the form of a registered trademark - 'iWatch'. Predictions are a-plenty and this concept design by Federico Ciccarese is probably the most realistic one out there. Courtesy Federico Ciccarese
Far less likely to hit an Apple store near you yet a product of the same imagination is Ciccarese's design for a wearable iPhone 5. Inspired by the pre-release rumor that Apple's iPhone 5 would be "spider-like," his concept has metal legs that clamp around the hand. Courtesy Federico Ciccarese
The web is replete with rumors of a Google timepiece and this is how one designer, called Adrian Maciburko, imagines it to look. His Google Time concept would respond to a series of gestures and voice searches to navigate the OS, displaying information like weather, notifications and maps. Courtesy Adrian Maciburko
Apple's voice recognition software, called Siri, treats these types of queries as a joke. But soon, technology will deliver highly relevant information based on information gathered about you. If you're overweight, it could let you know. Stewart Scott-Curran/CNN