Rowdy Seattle Seahawks fans register as earthquake during Monday Night Football

Matt Roe, an acoustical consultant with SSA Acoustics, measures noise levels in CenturyLink Field.

Story highlights

  • Fans rock the stadium and show up on an earthquake recording system
  • The Seattle-New Orleans game produced five seismic events
  • A college in Louisiana also appeared as an earthquake in 1988
  • The Seahawks beat the Saints, 34-7
There's no need to tell football fans in Seattle to take it up a notch. They're doing just fine, thank you.
After setting a Guinness World Record for noise at an outdoor stadium in September, CenturyLink Field went seismic during Monday Night Football, registering as an earthquake at a recording station about a block from the stadium.
How big, you ask?
In the magnitude 1-to-2 range, according to John Vidale, a professor at the University of Washington and the director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.
Vidale said his staff recorded five separate seismic events during Seattle's 34-7 pasting of New Orleans -- a match-up of two of the NFL's top teams.
The most intense episode came late in the first quarter, when Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett returned a Saints fumble 22 yards for a touchdown.
Seattle fans did this once before. In 2011, a Marshawn Lynch touchdown shook the earthquake recording station too.