Syrian troops retake Sbeineh after siege

Published 11:52 AM ET, Tue December 3, 2013
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Syrian troops patrol the deserted streets of Sbeineh, south of Damascus, on November 8 after retaking the suburb from rebel forces. AFP/Getty Images
Most of the town was reduced to rubble as a Syrian army siege reclaimed the rebel-held suburb in early November. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
Sbeineh's residents first fled when the town fell last year into the hands of rebels battling to bring an end to the reign of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
Syrian troops who moved in on Sbeineh after the siege discovered tunnels the rebels had used to get weapons and ammunition to the front line. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN
Syrian troops also uncovered a series of mini-factories they say rebels used to make mortars, rockets and improvised bombs. Frederik Pleitgen/CNN