Trash talk, old-fashioned hate mark college football rivalries

The Alabama Crimson Tide is taking on the Auburn Tigers in this year's Iron Bowl

Story highlights

  • This is the big weekend for classic college rivalries
  • Ohio governor tries to bring scorn on Michigan Wolverines
  • One game in Georgia is dubbed "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate"
There's hate. Then there's trying to heap shame on your foe.
On the eve of this weekend's bevy of college football rivalry games, fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide gleefully registered their contempt for the Auburn Tigers at #ThingsILikeMoreThanAuburn.
Like getting a root canal without a painkiller. Or standing on a fire ant mound while barefoot.
The Auburn faithful, who are hosting this year's Iron Bowl and have their own national championship dreams, had their say at #BamaHateWeek on Twitter:
"What has 2 teeth and is 100 yards long? The front row at a Alabama home game."
Such is the stuff of rivalries, many of which go back to the closing decades of the 19th century.
The 7-4 Michigan Wolverines and the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes, which first clashed in 1897, will meet up again Saturday.
On Friday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued a "Scarlet Letter Saturday" resolution, trying to bring shame to his state's neighbor to the north.
He encouraged all Ohioans to refrain from using the letter "M." The letter was scratched over throughout the declaration.
Reaction on the Twittersphere was i(m)(m)ediate, if not entirely supportive.
"Does that mean the(ir) head coach is Urban Eyer?," asked Patontheback17, referring to the Buckeyes' head coach. "So stupid."
Among the other rivalries playing out Saturday are Florida-Florida State, Arizona-Arizona State, USC-UCLA and Clemson-South Carolina. The Oregon Ducks edged the Oregon State Beavers 36-35 on Friday night in their series dubbed the "Civil War."
The Georgia Bulldogs travel to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech in the rivalry dubbed "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate."
Georgia Tech alum Jessica Keesee says the home tailgating experience for Yellow Jackets fans is more upscale outdoor luncheon than gigantic parking-lot party.
Pennants, a tent, Georgia Tech logo camping chairs, a grill, tables covered with tablecloths and a classy spread of food are the staples of Keesee's tailgate.
She couldn't hold back a dig at her school's rival, the University of Georgia.
"I would expect a trashy tailgate at a UGA game," she said.
Bulldog fans talked trash of their own.
"Who has a yellow jacket as a mascot? Like what's up with that?" read one tweet on #WeRunThisState.
Another Georgia fan wrote: "My dad's response on why we aren't going to the game tomorrow -- 'I don't want nerd to rub off on me."'
Of course, pranks can make for great stories passed on over the years.
In 1958, UCLA students tried to drop 500 pounds of manure on USC statue Tommy Trojan and students protecting him.
The pigskin highjinks backfired when the helicopter rotor blades sucked much of the "drop" back toward the perpetrators.
That sure stunk.