MIT Geeks create an origami Thanksgiving

Updated 9:48 AM ET, Mon December 9, 2013
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Basic origami is as simple as folding a piece of paper according to instructions. However, a group of MIT students decided to take that concept up a notch and tackle the geometrical complexities behind elaborate shapes. Dominick Reuter
Every Sunday, 20 to 30 of them get together on campus to create extraordinary shapes. They call themselves the OrigaMIT and recently they crafted a Thanksgiving-themed collection of paper sculptures. Dominick Reuter
Every origami model relies on a blueprint - a series of pre-determined creases that guide the folder through the process. Yongquan LuI, a mathematics major and incoming president of OrigaMIT says: "I really love how systematic it is. It's the perfect combination of math and art." Dominick Reuter
This particular model of a turkey was one of the more challenging shapes and took around four hours to fold. Dominick Reuter
This selection of paper birds was made with both pre-existing and original origami designs. Dominick Reuter
"We'll ask ourselves, 'Ok, where does this step come from, why does a designer choose to do it like this?" says Yongquan Lu. Dominick Reuter
He adds that, though OrigaMIT probably tends to be slightly more math-centric than your typical origami club, you don't need to possess "A Beautiful Mind" caliber math skills to join. Dominick Reuter
However, looking at these complicated shapes, it would probably help. Dominick Reuter