Entertaining gifts for friends and relatives

Story highlights

  • This year's gift ideas from entertainment include CDs and DVDs, of course
  • But variety is the name of the game -- perhaps a collection of Rube Goldberg art
  • And there are always celebrity fragrances if you have a nose for them
It's the eternal question: What should I give them?
This holiday season, like all holiday seasons, will find shoppers tramping through the malls and surfing the Internet in hopes of finding that perfect gift for family, friends and loved ones. And yes, clothes are often nice, as are tech toys.
But entertainment always fills the bill.
This year's selections include the tried and true -- CD boxed sets, including offerings from Bob Dylan, the Ramones and Jack White's Third Man label -- and DVDs, including a wonderfully packaged "Breaking Bad" collection.
But there are also some offbeat ideas inspired by popular TV shows, movies and celebrities. Want to decorate in the style of "The Big Bang Theory"? Would you like a taste inspired by "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"? Care to smell like Nicki Minaj? (No? Well, a lot of her musical rivals have fragrances as well.)
Such items fit most pocketbooks -- a "Catching Fire" chocolate bar can be yours for less than $5 -- and a variety of tastes. So dig in and sample some of the entertaining offerings for this holiday season. To borrow from Ron Burgundy, who's got a memoir out, they're always classy.