Bubbling floor bad tiling, not sinkhole, official says

A bubbling floor in this Tampa home prompted the family to run outside to safety.

Story highlights

  • Bad tiles, not sinkhole, caused floor problems, official says
  • The family was sitting in their living room when the floor bubbled up
  • Fire officials will go in to determine how deep the hole is
A bubbling floor in Tampa, Florida, that prompted a family to run outside for safety was not a sinkhole, as originally suspected, but rather, bad tile work, an official said Tuesday.
Engineers at the home said the tiles were improperly installed and were "popping," according to Sal Ruggiero, Tampa's code enforcement manager. There was no sinkhole, he said.
The Red Cross responded to the home, where five adults and two children lived, after the floor bubbled up.
"They had to leave with basically only clothes on their back," said Janet McGuire, a Red Cross spokeswoman.
Tampa Fire Lt. Richard O'Connor said crews were going into the home Tuesday morning to determine how deep the hole is.
Family members told police they had a house assessment done nine months ago and were told the house was on top of a possible sinkhole, O'Connor said.
The family is staying at a hotel with Red Cross-issued vouchers.