Look, George W. Bush painted an ornament for you

Please, bear with us, we know we only have a moment of your time before you go racing to the George W. Bush Presidential Center website to buy this awesome Christmas tree ornament -- possibly in bulk. There are a lot of people on your Christmas list.
In case you didn't know, George W. Bush, besides being our 43rd President, is also a not-half-bad artist. So, it should come as little surprise that the Bush Center's official 2013 ornament features a replica of a painting done by Bush himself: A festive, holiday-appropriate cardinal perched on a tree branch.
The original painting was done for the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Warren Tichenor. Former first lady Laura Bush enjoyed the painting so much -- what with its bright colors and deeply inoffensive subject matter -- that she selected it to be on the cover of the Bush family Christmas card.
And now you, too, can have a replica of a cheerful cardinal rendered by a former president's hand for only $29.98. And if you don't like passerine birds native to North America, or holiday ornaments, or presidents, well ... then there's clearly no pleasing you.
Actually, if bird art isn't your fancy, the White House Christmas Ornaments website (a.) exists, and (b.) contains a menagerie of other official Christmas ornaments for every taste. Here is a sampling of the wonders that await you:
• A miniature William Howard Taft riding in a 1909 Model M
• A portrait of President Barack Obama at his first Inauguration
• A tiny version of the first Christmas tree ever to stand in the White House
• An impossibly small and detailed rendering of the 1900 Army Navy reception at the White House
• One featuring the presidential helicopter (our favorite)
Go crazy. After all, your Christmas tree isn't going to decorate itself.