Favorite 'Fear Street' covers

Updated 8:36 AM ET, Tue September 30, 2014
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R.L. Stine's "Fear Street" series for teens has always been a favorite with fans, who are pretty attached to the book covers, too. Here are some top covers, according to the official R.L. Stine fan forum, along with some of his thoughts on terrifying teenagers. St. Martin's Griffin
"Close point of view, that's my big secret," Stine said. "You're in one character's head, and everything in the book happens through her. Everything she sees, you see. It all goes through her, every smell, every sound. You come to identify with her and that's how you really make something scary." Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Reading the same thrilling books together creates this shared experience," Kendare Blake, author of YA horror novel "Anna Dressed in Blood," said. "When young readers get a hold of it, they feel like they're doing something maybe a little illicit and older than what they are. When I was in school, those R.L. Stine books were passed around like bubblegum." Publisher: Simon Pulse
"How many hundreds of teenagers I have I killed?" Stine ponders, referring to his "Fear Street" series. Too many to count, apparently. Publisher: Simon Pulse
"In order to write a horror series, we realized that you can't have continuing characters," Stine said. "So the 'Fear Street' basis was a normal town with this one street where terrible things happen to people. The location became the star." Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Series keep you going," Stine said. "There was a time when I was writing a 'Goosebumps' and a 'Fear Street' novel a month." Publisher: Simon Pulse
"I've been criticized for not having much characterization in my books," Stine said. "It's deliberate, I don't want to create a whole character, I want the reader to feel like the character. So I'm great at full-blown cardboard characters." Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Fears never change," Stine said. "It's dark, someone's chasing you, that thrill never changes." Publisher: Simon Pulse
"When we first started doing the teen horror novels, I wasn't allowed to kill anyone," Stine said. "We started getting bolder, one per book, maybe two or three. Then, it's a bloodfest." Click through the rest of our gallery to see more fan favorite "Fear Street" covers: Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Cheerleaders: The Third Evil" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"99 Fear Street: The Third Horror" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Final Grade" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"The Overnight" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"The Perfect Date" Publisher: Simon and Schuster
"Ski Weekend" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"The Secret Bedroom" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"What Holly Heard" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"The Surprise Party" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Trapped" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?" Publisher: Simon Pulse
"Fear Street Sage #1: The Betrayal" Publisher: Simon Pulse