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Obamacare: What's next?

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"It's getting better but it looks like there's still a lot to do," analyst says of HealthCare.gov

An engineer writes in his analysis: "It does not look like much has changed on the front end"

Site is still loading too much unnecessary code, report says, which is slowing it down

Washington CNN —  

The front end of HealthCare.gov is working better, but many problems identified in the days after its launch persist, according to a team of Web engineers.

Media Temple is a private web-hosting company that analyzed the public-facing side of the site days after its disastrous October 1 launch, and again this week for CNN.

“It’s getting better, but it looks like there’s still a lot to do,” Media Temple president and COO Russ Reeder said. “So whether that’s three weeks or three months, I can’t tell.”

A week after the site went live, a team of Reeder’s engineers found a slew of out-of-date Web applications, poorly written code, testing code and unnecessary data transmitted to users at each login that should have been stored on local servers or computers for quicker access through a process called caching.