John and Jackie: A love story

Updated 11:52 AM ET, Tue July 28, 2015
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John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his fiancée, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, playing tennis in 1953. They were one of history's power couples, a dashing Democrat and an elegant wife. They were both from influential families and became superstars before he entered the White House. Take a look back at the couple that embodied the image of a perfect family. Corbis Images
John Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier met in 1951 and after a brief engagement, they married in Rhode Island in the century-old church of St. Mary's on September 12, 1953. Corbis Images
John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy at the U.S. Capitol on May 6, 1954. Orlando Suero/Lowenherz Collection, Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University
The couple strolling in the Georgetown area of Washington on May 8, 1954. Orlando Suero/Lowenherz Collection, Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University
Jackie looking over John's shoulder as he reads the May 7 issue of the Christian Science Monitor on May 9, 1954, Mother's Day. Orlando Suero/Lowenherz Collection, Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University
The Kennedy's cuddle daughter Caroline while relaxing on a bed at home on March 25, 1958. Ed Clark/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
John and Jackie at Eleanor Roosevelt's 75th birthday celebration in 1959. Joseph Scherschel/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
The then-senator engages in his favorite pastime of sailing at Hyannisport, Massachusetts, with Jackie in July 1960. Corbis Images
Shortly after his acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination for president, Kennedy and his wife smile and wave from the back of an open-top car in Massachusetts in July 1960. Paul Schutzer/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Jacqueline greets her husband in 1960. Corbis Images
Jackie watches her husband during a presidential debate in September 1960. Paul Schutzer/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Kennedy lends an ear to his wife as they sit together at a table during cocktail hour before dining at a society gala at the Walford Astoria Hotel in 1960. Alfred Eisenstaedt//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Kennedy, campaigning for president, listens to the whispers of his wife in 1960. Paul Schutzer/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Jackie shares a moment with her husband before he became president, in January 20, 1961, in the rotunda of the Capitol. She became the youngest first lady in nearly 80 years. Henry Burroughs/ap
President Kennedy and Jackie greet guests at a party for Nobel Prize winners at the White House on April 29, 1961. Art Rickerby/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
The Kennedys stand at attention during the playing of the national anthem at the start of a reception during their state visit to Mexico City on June 30, 1962. Henry Burroughs/ap
John and Jackie at Union Station after the departure of King Hassan of Morocco on March 27, 1963. Corbis Images
President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Jackie and Caroline with puppies Blackie and White Tips, and family dogs Shannon, Clipper, Wolfie and Charlie on August 14, 1963. John F. Kennedy Presidential Libray
Jackie stands with her two children and her brothers-in law Ted Kennedy and Robert Kennedy at the funeral of her husband on November 26, 1963. PIGISTE/AFP/Getty Images