FBI: Serial killer Keyes may have killed missing New Jersey woman

Story highlights

  • Serial killer Israel Keyes may have killed missing New Jersey woman
  • Debra Feldman was last seen at her Hackensack home in 2009
  • Killer committed suicide in his Alaska jail cell
Federal agents say a missing New Jersey woman may be one of 11 victims believed to have been slain by admitted serial killer Israel Keyes.
Investigators believe the woman Debra Feldman, 49, was last seen at her Hackensack home on April 8, 2009. She has not been heard from since.
The FBI said Keyes admitted that on April 9, 2009, he abducted a female from a state on the East Coast and transported her over multiple state lines into New York. Keyes said he killed the victim and buried her in upstate New York.
FBI Special Agent Barbara Woodruff told CNN Thursday that Keyes -- before he committed suicide last year -- was shown pictures of unsolved murder victims and people who had gone missing to see whether he would admit to being involved in any of those cases.
When Keyes was shown a picture of Feldman, he paused, looking at it a long time, before saying, "I'm not ready to talk about that one," according to Woodruff.
Footage on the FBI website shows Keyes during the interviews with federal agents, telling them he would release certain information or details about his victims, and then changing his mind.